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Dog health care: Parvo Virus

A puppy waits to receive dog health care.Let’s face it, if you have a puppy, your little ball of fluff will experience a bout of puppy diarrhea at some point.

But what can somtimes just be an upset tummy can actually be a dire dog health care issue– or even death. Suddenly your puppy not only has diarrhea but has now begun to vomit.

Your normally playful puppy has become lethargic and you know something serious is going on. A simple puppy diarrhea treatment has turned into a hospital stay with a vet bill that can be very pricey without the help of pet insurance. With a diagnosis of parvo virus, your world can be turned upside down.

Parvo virus is a serious, life-threatening illness that primarily affects dog health care in puppies. The symptoms of parvo usually come on suddenly with the onset of diarrhea that is usually accompanied by vomiting. The puppy will become very ill quickly. Puppies with diarrhea and vomiting need urgent care and should be checked out by a veterinarian immediately.

Parvo is a highly contagious virus that is passed on to other puppies and even onto adult dogs that have not been vaccinated against it. The virus has the ability to contaminate an area for several months. The virus can remain on the surfaces in the house and in the soil in which the stool has come into contact with.

Getting pet insurance for your puppy as soon as you get her can save you the heartache of having to deal with a sick puppy and having to worry about how you are going to afford treatment.

How to Keep Your Puppy Happy and Healthy

Posted by: H.R.
Pets Best Insurance Editorial Manger
A couple sits with their puppy on a couch.
There are several things that you need to do in order for your puppy to be a well-rounded member of society. Puppies are like children: they’re sponges that absorb all the information you teach them. When dealing with a puppy it is important to be a leader and teach him what you expect of him. One of the most important things you can do for your puppy is to start him on a high-quality puppy dog food.

A quality puppy food will contain good ingredients like meat and fish as opposed to corn and meat by-products. Quality food will ensure your puppy gets his nutritional needs met, which will allow him to be in good pet health throghout his life.

Puppy exercise should include daily walks and play sessions. Playing outside with your dog will also allow him to burn off excess energy and keep him from becoming bored. Puppies that do not receive daily exercise are more prone to behavioral issues such as chewing inappropriate objects and excessive barking.

Enrolling your puppy in dog obedience training classes is one of the best things that you can do for your puppy. Taking a class together will strengthen the bond between the two of you. Along with a strong bond, you will also enforce your role as the leader of the pack. Your puppy will also learn how to walk on a leash correctly, sit, stay and other commands that all puppies should learn.

Take your puppy to the veterinarian for routine veterinary care. Making sure your pet is up to date on vaccines and free from intestinal parasites.

Get pet insurance for your puppy. Pet insurance makes owning a puppy more affordable by covering illnesses or injuries that your puppy may have. Pet insurance will allow you to provide the best care for your puppy throughout its life.

Finding your veterinarian

A dog is tended to by a veterinarian.

“Of all the things I miss from veterinary practice,
puppy breath is one of the most fond memories!”
– Dr. Tom Cat

Finding a veterinarian is often a personal journey, just like finding the perfect pet and choosing an upstanding pet insurance company. There is no rule that says you have to pick the closest veterinarian or the cutest dog or cat. Your personality might gel better with the vet across town, and the quirkier looking cat at the shelter just might steal your heart.

Even if you get a referral from a friend who loves her veterinarian, the chemistry just may not be there between the two of you. There is nothing wrong with taking time to perform veterinarian clinic comparison, pet insurance comparison, and pet food comparison. Such actions just prove that you are a caring, responsible pet owner and that you are concerned about pet health.

It’s well understood that the number-one reason veterinarians choose their field is because they love animals. We would all love to believe that when we take our beloved pet to a vet clinic, the people treating him sees in him exactly what we see. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work that way. A vet clinic is still staffed with people who are at work, and may not be having the best day. Your pet is probably stressed out and not on his best behavior, either.

Likewise, you’re probably as stressed out as every other pet owner there that day, as well. Everyone needs to work together calmly to get to the goal: a happy, healthy, comfortable pet. But during this process, you don’t deserve to be made to feel like a number, or your pet like he’s on a conveyor belt.

If you can find a clinic that remains professional through the chaos, and communicates patiently with you until you understand, you may have found your veterinarian. If you feel calmed by a vet’s bedside manner, and he takes a moment to look into your pet’s eyes when they aren’t shining as brightly as they once were, you may have found a gem.

3 Tips to Safer Travels with Pets

By: Leigh A. Peterson
For Pets Best InsuranceA dog looks out the window of a car.

Thinking of taking Fifi the calico or Rufus the Golden Retriever to grandma’s for the holidays this year? Taking our pets with us on trips can be a joyful experience. We get to see a different side of their personalities as they explore new surroundings and meet new people. They can offer us comfort at lonely times away from home. But there are many things to keep in mind when traveling with pets. Here are a few pet health issues you may need to consider.

1. Review your pet health insurance policy.
Does it allow you to visit a different veterinarian? Will it cover your pet out of state? Out of the country? Will it cover emergencies and after-hour visits? Trusted companies, like Pets Best Insurance, that offer pet care health insurance will allow you to select any veterinary clinic of your choice.

2. Plan meals in advance.
Is there a store near where you are going that sells the food you currently feed your pet? If they are used to eating a certain brand, you’ll want to keep feeding that same food throughout the trip. Traveling can be stressful, and stress can cause everything from tummy upset to lack of appetite. Switching pet food suddenly could make matters worse.

3. Keep pets leashed or crated while on the road.
When in the car, resist the urge to let your pet roam free. Not only could this cause pet health injuries, but if heaven forbid an accident occurs, they are liable to run away in fear! A slinky cat or pushy pup could also slip out an open car door in the blink of an eye if you stop at a rest area. Buck up through the pitiful cries for attention and tell them, and yourself, that they are being contained for their own safety.

Pet health: “I didn’t know cats could get that” diseases

A healthy-looking cat sits in a cat bed.
My cat has a bizarre pet health condition– asthma. Other than a cousin I haven’t seen since childhood, he’s the only one—human or animal—I’ve ever known to have it. Yet today, I find myself knowing more about asthma than I ever thought I would.

When I tell people that I give my cat an asthma inhaler by holding a mask over his face, I get a variety of responses. Most are just surprised that you can give a cat an asthma inhaler. Others are sure I have the tamest cat in the world (I don’t), and that he must let me do whatever I want to him (he doesn’t). Then I usually hear something like, “If I tried that with my cat, my eyes would get scratched out.”

We pet lovers sometimes surprise ourselves in the lengths to which we find ourselves going to care for them. We spend hours doing pet insurance comparison shopping, we type the slightest odd behavior into search engines to see if it’s normal, and we become experts in food labels, deciphering which brands have optimum protein-to-carbohydrate ratios.

So what other human-like pet health issues can cats suffer from? How about herpes…of the eye! My co-worker and her family were recently adopted by a stray pregnant cat. After the kittens were born, the momma cat started having eye issues that were thought to be caused by a flailing newborn kitten’s claw. Imagine the surprise of my cat-owning-virgin of a co-worker to learn it was herpes.

Since her daughter had suffered from a bout of shingles just last year, this diagnoses sealed the momma cat’s permanent spot in their home!

One day soon, another condition my co-worker’s cat might share with her teenage daughter is acne. Acne in a cat often appears as a dirty chin. But try as you might, the dirt doesn’t seem to come off. This is often harmless and remedied by changing all food dishes to non-porous ones like ceramic, glass, or stainless steel.

Sometimes, however, a secondary bacteria infection or lesions can form. This could be a symptom of other underlying issues, in which case affordable pet insurance will come in handy to get some tests done to help kitty keep that gorgeous complexion and pet health vigor of its youth.

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