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Dog Park Etiquette Part II

January 30, 2012

By: Chryssa Rich For Pets Best Insurance In last week’s pet insurance blog, we covered pet owners’ top 5 dog park pet peeves. Read it here. This week, we’ll round out the top 10 so…

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Ensuring your health is as important as insuring your pets’

January 27, 2012

By: Steve Anderson, Editor Health Insurance Resource Center For Pets Best Insurance Americans love their pets in a big way, but is it possible they love their pets even more than themselves? It appears true…

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Dog Park Etiquette Part I

January 25, 2012

By: Chryssa Rich For Pets Best Insurance For many dog owners, dog parks are a necessary part of life. They’re a great way to let your dog burn energy, socialize and get a change of…

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Do you go to the vet often enough?

January 23, 2012

By: Dr. Fiona Caldwell Veterinarian at Idaho Veterinary Hospital For Pets Best Insurance Dogs and cats are increasingly becoming part of the family, and are being treated as such. Dogs are no longer just outside…

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Ringworm in cats: Fungus among us

January 19, 2012

By: Dr. Jane Matheys Associate Veterinarian The Cat Doctor Veterinary Hospital For Pets Best Insurance Contrary to its name, the pet health condition known as ringworm is not actually caused by a worm at all,…

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About pet insurance for older pets

January 18, 2012

By: HM For Pets Best Insurance Pet insurance is important for many reasons— pet owners often don’t realize that vet medicine and technology have reached an all-time high. We’re now able to provide our pets…

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