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Pet health worry: Heartworm in cats

September 27, 2010

Most dog owners are aware of pet health needs and the necessity of heartworm preventatives, but it’s also a good idea to talk to your veterinarian about cat heartworm prevention too. Heartworms are becoming more…

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Cat health care: How to prevent hairballs in your cat

September 24, 2010

Posted by: H.R. Pets Best Insurance Editorial Manager Having a cat means you have your fair share of cat hair. It’s not only a nuisance; it can cause cat health care issues. Dealing with cat…

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Cat insurance can mean longer, healthier lives

September 22, 2010

By: Chryssa Rich Pets Best Insurance Marketing Associate A few years ago, my parents adopted a beautiful Ragdoll cat from a local shelter and instantly fell in love with her. Just a couple of months…

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Pet health issues: Common cancers found in dogs

September 20, 2010

By: H.R. Pets Best Insurance Editorial Manager Before I began working for a pet insurance company, I had no idea that animals could develop cancer. But I’ve recently learned that dog cancer is the cause…

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Cat health care: Litterbox training

September 17, 2010

Posted by: H.R. Pets Best Insurance Editorial Manager Once you’ve brought your new little ball of fluff home, you should introduce your kitten to the litter box—ideally cat box training should begin the very first…

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Homeless pet health: A volunteer crusade

September 15, 2010

As many as 25% of homeless people in the U.S. own pets—and local activists want to lend a helping hand. According to the news site, it’s often difficult for homeless people with pets to…

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