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Dog houses—for cats

A cat cuddles with his owner.

Although cat health care is best protected if kept indoors during the winter, some cats still want to spend some time in the great outdoors during cold months.

For cats that demand chilly outdoor adventures, protection from the cold is still a necessity. Should a cat owner need to leave home earlier than expected, a warm shelter designed for cats will provide safety and possibly keep cats away from dangerous sources of heat such as under car hoods. Providing safety for cats can ensure that cat insurance policies won’t have to be used due to an accidental emergency.

An outdoor cat shelter can be inexpensive and is actually a simple do-it-yourself project. Plastic storage bins, straw, and some waterproof tape can easily be fashioned together to create a warm and cozy shelter from wind, rain, and snow.

The Urban Cat League, a non-profit corporation of volunteer cat lovers who provide care and protection to street cats in New York City, published easy instructions on their website to build a secure and cozy cat shelter.

In addition to shelter, heated water bowls should be left outside—hydration is key to pet health. According to Rachel Kristiansen of the Second Chance Sheridan Cat Rescue in Wyoming, “Cats will not eat snow; they do not recognize it as frozen water. A cat can easily die of thirst even though they are surrounded by snow and ice.”

Pet health: Keeping paws thawed

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A puppy keeps his paws warm by wearing boots.

With the amount of protection we wear on our feet when out and about in the winter—the thick, wool socks and the furry, lined, waterproof snow boots—it should be no surprise to hear that our dog’s paws get cold too. For optimal pet health, keep winter paw care in mind.

Dog boots are gaining popularity and improving in style and fit. While walking in the snow, some dogs will limp or shake their paws, letting you know something is wrong. But if their paws get so cold that a loss of feeling occurs, dogs are in danger of tripping and you may be unaware of potential cuts until blood appears.

Paw wax is also a great tool for added protection and traction in the winter, and even protects against hot summer pavement.

For an easy alternative, “a small amount of petroleum jelly may help soften and soothe paw pads,” says Jessica Rice of the American Kennel Club.

While we can take precautions to only use pet-friendly ice melters, there is no way to know what the neighbors are using. Walking on these salts can not only be painful and irritating, but hazardous if licked off by the dog or tailed inside the home and ingested by other pets. This could cause poisoning or gastrointestinal issues that will put your dog insurance plan to immediate use.

Always keep a towel by the door and wipe off a dog’s paws after walks. Don’t forget in between the toes, and better yet, keep the long fur tufts between the pads trimmed so they can’t accumulate more ice and snow.

Avoid holiday hazards: Keep your pet safe this holiday season

A dogs sits next to a white Christmas tree.
Christmas trees are generally the main attraction when it comes to decorating for Christmas. With its glowing lights and beautiful ornaments, trees are attractive not only to humans but to pets as well.

But Christmas trees can pose a number of hazards to your pet. Keep your pets safe from Christmas tree dangers this holiday season so you won’t have the need to use your cat or dog insurance.

A common danger when putting up a Christmas tree is the tree falling down and hurting you or your pets. Trees should be placed securely into tree stands and secured to a wall or window in order to prevent them from falling.

Another Christmas tree danger for pets is the needles of the tree. Whether you have a real or artificial tree, pets should not be allowed to chew on the needles. They can cause irritations in their mouth and intestines.

Ornaments offer another potential danger to pets. Tinsel should be avoided as it can cause intestinal blockages if ingested. Other types of ornaments to avoid are food ornaments like candy canes and popcorn. Glass ornaments or breakable ornaments should be placed at the top of the tree and out of your pet’s reach.

Electrical cords and light cords are also a danger to pets. Keep pets away from electrical cords to keep them from chewing them, which can lead to electrical shock or even death.

Before the holidays, it is a good idea to brush up on your pet first aid skills and to ensure you have a pet insurance policy for your dog or cat. Pets are more prone to accidents this time of year so being prepared with a dog or cat insurance plan is a good idea. Pet insurance policies also make great gifts for the dog or cat in your life.

Give your pet the gift of pet insurance this holiday season

A Yorkie gets pet insurance for Christmas.

If you are getting a new pet this holiday season, be sure to give your family the gift of peace-of-mind by getting pet insurance.

Pet insurance is a great way to ensure that your pet is covered in the case of an accident or illness. Not only is pet insurance a great gift for the holidays, it makes a great gift any time of the year.

It doesn’t matter if your new pet is pure bred or a mix, pet insurance makes sense. No dog is immune to accidents or illnesses. Pet health insurance is great to have when your new puppy decides to eat a sock and has an intestinal blockage that requires surgery. It’s also handy to have when your new kitten jumps off the couch and breaks its leg. Pet insurance is there for you and your pet when you need it most.

Pet insurance companies, like Pets Best Insurance, let you choose the pet insurance plan that meets the needs of you and your pet. You choose the deductible that fits your budget. You can also choose how much coverage you want your pet to have. It’s a customizable plan that covers what you need without breaking the bank.

Ease some of the stress that can come with owning a new pet by having them covered under a pet insurance plan. Call Pets Best Insurance today for a free quote at 866-440-2020 or visit them at

*Please note: If you’d like to purchase a pet insurance plan as a gift, please make sure the pet’s owner reads and completes the application. It may take away some of the surprise of gift-giving, but it’s a legal requirement.

Overview of 101 Dog Tricks: Step By Step Activities To Engage, Challenge And Bond With Your Dog

A girl teaches a dog how to do a trick.
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The book 101 Dog Tricks: Step By Step Activities To Engage, Challenge, and Bond With Your Dog is one of the largest pet books targeted at teaching dog tricks.

The book offers step-by-step instructions with a difficulty rating for each trick. Along with detailed instructions, the book offers beautiful full-color photos of each trick. Learning new tricks will mentally stimulate your dog and at the same time strengthen your bond with your dog. This is a book every pet owner should have!

Each trick has trouble-shooting advice as well as dog training tips to help your dog learn. The book also offers “build-on” ideas which allow you to teach more complicated tricks using the simple skills your dog has already acquired.

The tricks are broken down and categorized by their skill level. The levels include easy, intermediate, advanced, and expert. The tricks taught in the book range from sit and stay to bring me the newspaper.

If you are looking for a book to help you teach your new puppy basic commands, this is probably not the book for you. However, if you are looking for a book that builds on your dog’s basic knowledge and can help you teach them to do more advanced tricks, this is definitely the book for you. The tricks are easy to teach and can be taught to a dog no matter what previous dog training techniques have been used.

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