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Harness or Collar—Which is Better for Your Pet?

August 26, 2016

Sometimes a harness or collar can be a bit of a fashion statement for your pet. But setting fashion aside, which style of collar or harness is most functional? When you’re looking to use the…

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10 Tips for Picking a Pet Sitter to Stay at Your Home

August 19, 2016

The benefit of sharing my home with two dogs and two cats is that I get to enjoy the antics of this “furry fab four.” But when I’m traveling and can’t take my pets with me, I…

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3 Ways to Reduce Cat Hairballs

August 12, 2016

Unfortunately, you can’t totally prevent hairballs in cats. However, there are a few things you can do to reduce the frequency of hairballs as well as the likelihood that your cat will get them. Grooming your cat can…

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A Room-by-Room Guide to Pet-Proofing Your Home

August 5, 2016

By Marianne Lipanovich, Houzz. Everyone who gets a dog or cat soon learns that a certain amount of vigilance goes with pet ownership. Puppies and kittens especially can get into everything and escape through the…

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Pets Sprayed by Skunk – 2 Things to Know

July 29, 2016

By veterinarian Dr. Fiona for Pets Best, a U.S. dog and cat pet health insurance agency since 2005. A skunk’s spray is a scent you’ll never forget. And when the skunk’s target is your pet,…

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My Vet’s the Best Contest Finalist: Dr. Nick Brown

July 25, 2016

My Vet’s the Best contest finalist, Dr. Nick Brown. How much do you love your vet? In 2010, Pets Best developed the My Vet’s the Best Contest—the first of its kind—to allow pet owners to…

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