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6 Ways to Be a Great Pet Owner

Happy dog owner.

February is Responsible Pet Owners Month. Being a responsible pet owner can mean a lot of things, so we asked our guest veterinarian Pets Best Insurance bloggers, “What are the top things a great pet owner should do or know?” Here’s the combined list from Dr. Marc Edward, Dr. Fiona Caldwell & Dr. Jane Matheys.

1) Do your homework before adopting or purchasing a pet

Make sure you understand the commitment required in owning a pet, some dogs and cats can live 15- 20 years (sometimes longer!). Pet ownership has on-going financial costs: from food, supplies, veterinary care and medicine. Owning a pet also takes time: make sure you have the time to properly train your pet, to exercise your pet and meet the emotional needs your pet may require. Make sure you choose the best pet to fit your lifestyle and home situation.

2) Spay or neuter your petRead More…

Pets Best Insurance Has New Plans!

Affordable pet insurance for people with dogs and cats.At Pets Best Insurance, we pride ourselves on being an innovative company. Our President and Founder, veterinarian Dr. Jack Stephens, founded pet insurance in the United States over 30 years ago. We continuously gather client feedback so our plans fit the needs and budgets of pet owners.

Three Types of Pets Best Insurance Plans                                                                       

1. BestBenefit plans

BestBenefit plans cover the diagnosis and treatment of accidents and illnesses. You can choose a deductible as low as $0, and a reimbursement level up to 100%.

Examples of coverage include: accidents, illnesses, prescription medications, emergency care, specialist care, acupuncture, chiropractic care and hereditary conditions.

2. Plans for Specific Conditions

We also have plans that cover accidents only, cancer only, or specific feline illnesses. These plans can be purchased separately or added to a BestBenefit plan for increased benefits for the specific conditions covered. You can choose a deductible as low as $0, and a reimbursement level up to 100%. A Pets Best Insurance sales agent can help you review your coverage options.

Accident Only

The Accident Only plan covers the treatment of accidents, including exams, X-rays, surgeries, hospitalization and medications.

You may want to add this plan to a BestBenefit plan if your dog is at a high risk for accidents. For instance, if you live near a busy road, on a farm, or you have an “escape artist” dog that loves to find trouble.

Cancer Only

The Cancer Only plan covers the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, including exams, blood work, surgeries, medications and chemotherapy. Cancer Only plans start at $8 per month.

You may want to add this plan to a BestBenefit plan if you have a breed that is prone to cancer, like Boxers, Golden retrievers, German shepherds, Rottweilers and Doberman pinschers.

Feline Illness

The Feline Illness plan covers the diagnosis and treatment of feline illnesses, including diabetes and kidney failure. Feline Illness plans start at $4 per month.

Feline Illness plans may be a great option for older cats who aren’t very active, but may face illnesses in the future.

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3. BestWellness Routine Care Coverage

Routine care coverage helps pay for your pet’s regular veterinary visits. Routine checkups, dental cleanings and blood work may help to catch disease early and ensure a longer, happier life for your pet. It’s an excellent way to budget for your pet’s expected medical expenses.

BestWellness coverage includes: vaccinations, spay/neuter, annual exam, blood work and teeth cleaning.

The BestWellness Plan can be added to any BestBenefit plan at enrollment or annual renewal for $22 per month. There is no deductible to meet, and annual benefits for covered services are up to $480 for dogs and $545 for cats.

Have a Heart for Chained Dogs Week

Sad dog chained up.Highly rated pet insurance company, Pets Best Insurance shares information on all matters related to dog and cat well being.

February 7th-14th is Have a Heart for Chained Dogs Week which was organized by the Dogs Deserve Better organization.

Why Constantly Chaining Hurts Dogs

According to the Humane Society of the United States:

∙200,000 dogs live a life constantly chained or tethered outdoors.

∙As pack animals, dogs have been bred for thousands of years to form a strong attachment to a human family. An otherwise friendly and happy dog, when kept continually chained and isolated, often becomes neurotic, unhappy, anxious, and aggressive.Read More…

Dog Loose on a Busy Road! How Pepper Was Rescued for the Second Time.

Pets Best Insurance Employees who rescued Pepper the dog

February is Responsible Pet Owners Month. Being a responsible pet owner can mean a lot of things. Sometimes you don’t even have to be the pet’s owner to do the responsible thing, as three of our Pets Best Insurance employees recently demonstrated.

After a recent snow storm, Laura, a sales agent at Pets Best, looked out her office window and saw a black and white Aussie dog running loose. Our office is on a busy street so this immediately concerned Laura. She was on the phone with a client, so she got the attention of Raychel, another Pets Best employee and asked her to go help the dog. While running out the door with a leash and treats, Raychel called to another employee, Sarah, to come help.

Raychel and Sarah ran outside in the snow and ice, calling out to the dog. The dog darted directly into oncoming traffic. Thankfully all the cars stopped. Raychel and Sarah ran across the road to follow the dog, and in their high heels nonetheless, traversed the huge snow piled median, trying to keep up with the dog. But the dog crossed the street and took off down another side street. After Raychel and Sarah couldn’t track the dog any longer, they returned to the office.Read More…

Raw Diet Pros and Cons

raw food diet pros and cons.At Pets Best Insurance we want your pet to live a long, happy and healthy life. Part of a healthy dog and cat is finding the diet that is right for them. With so much discussion over raw diets versus non-raw diets, we asked the folks at All The Best Pet Care in Seattle, to give us their opinion on the pros and cons of raw diets. We are not promoting either side; rather we simply want to educate pet owners so they can make the best decision for their dog or cat.

Pros of raw diets:

1. Less processed ingredients

Can help build the immune system and provide a healthy skin and coat

2. Greatest preservation of naturally-occurring nutrients

Minimal processing preserves the molecular structure of the proteins, fats, vitamins and enzymes.

3. Less stinky stools and less litter box odor

Pets that are fed a raw food diet consistently have smaller, firmer stools that those fed canned or dry food.

Read More…

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