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Trick Your Cat Into Losing Weight

Hello. I’m Dr. Jane Matheys, from the Cat Doctor Veterinary and Hospital in Boise, Idaho. I’m here to answer a question posted on the Pets Best Facebook page, today.

This one is from Gina and she asks “If diet food is not working for an extremely overweight cat for years, what else can we try?” Often times even though an owner is feeding “diet food”, they’re still giving the cat too much. The cat’s consuming too many calories, and you’re just not going to see weight loss. The number one way that I can achieve good weight loss in cats

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My Vet’s the Best Summer 2012 Winner!

veterinary pet insurance contest winner.

Pet owners, pet insurance enthusiasts and veterinarians alike have been on pins and needles this quarter, and during our online voting period, waiting to find out who the summer 2012 My Vet’s the Best Winner is! Pets Best Insurance is elated to announce the My Vet’s the Best Summer 2012 winner is…

Dr. Tony Poutous of Pet Care Animal Clinic in Virginia Beach, VA!

Dr. Poutous received multiple nominations and more than 3,000 votes during the Pets Best Insurance online voting period. Our favorite nomination story came from Karen Calabro and her pets Dusty Too, Taylor Wigglesworth III, Zoe and Tucker.

In Karen’s nomination, she wrote that Dr. Poutous cares about all animals and always goes the extra mile for his clients and their pets.

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Reunited! Mikey’s Adventure

Pet Insurance Agency Pets Best Insurance found this lost dog.

Last week, thousands of Pets Best Insurance Facebook friends and other pet lovers shared our picture of an adorable found dog, hoping to help reunite him with his family. Pets Best claims adjuster Kate had found him wandering alone one night. The Pomeranian wasn’t injured or starving, but he looked a little rough and didn’t have a microchip or a collar.

Days went by and we pursued a dozen leads as the pup’s picture went viral on Facebook, but none of them panned out. Kate notified the local shelters and placed ads on Craigslist, and pet insurance employee Shirle took the little guy under her wing. He was treated to a bath, grooming, lots of treats, cuddles and playtime with other doggies. Shirle was falling in love with the dog (like so many of our friends who offered to take him), and was thinking about naming him Panda.

Mountain Getaway
Meanwhile, Idaho Falls resident Melissa was just wrapping up a long camping trip on the other side of the state. When she got home, she logged into Facebook to see what she had missed. Scrolling through her newsfeed, she saw a picture of a familiar little dog on her friend’s page. “Dang, that dog looks just like mine!” she said to her daughter. She called her dog sitter, her niece, who reassured her that Mikey was still with her in Boise.

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Why Even “Good” Dogs Need to Obey Leash Laws

A dog with pet health insurance sits in a camping chair, wearing a leash.

I recently had a nerve-wracking experience while camping with my dog and infant son. One afternoon as we walked through the campground, I noticed two large dogs running toward us: ears alert, eyes focused on us.There were no people nearby and the closest campsite was about 100 yards away.

Working in the pet insurance industry, I understand the importance of ensuring my dog always wears her leash, but despite her barking and my commands for the other dogs to “get outta here!” the dogs continued to come at us. With my baby in a front carrier, I couldn’t help but worry I was about to watch a gruesome dog fight happen.

Just before all heck broke loose, the dogs’ owners came running. It took them a few minutes because no one had noticed the dogs had left their campsite until they heard me yelling. The dogs wouldn’t obey a single command until the owners had them by their collars.

A recent survey on the Pets Best Insurance Facebook page revealed 27% of dog owners don’t always follow leash laws – and that includes the nearly 4% who think their dogs never need to be on leashes. Here are the top 3 reasons why leash laws should be followed 100% of the time:

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Elevated Thyroid Levels in Cats – When to Worry

Pet insurance quote button

Hello. I’m Dr. Jane Matheys from the Cat Doctor Veterinary Hospital and Hotel in Boise, Idaho. I’ll be answering some cat health questions today that were posted on the Facebook page of Pets Best Insurance.

The first question comes from Kate. “Our Calico cat has a mid-range thyroid count. It’s not bad but higher than the vet would like to see. We walk her and play with her and I’m working on weight loss. What, if anything, can we do to help fix this?”Read More…

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