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Costume Contest: Win a Year of Free Pet Insurance! is proud to host the Pets Best Halloween costume contest this year, offering a grand prize of one year of free pet insurance, up to $500! All pet owners are invited to participate – you don’t have to be a policyholder to enter or win.

How to enter: Upload a picture of your pet or pets in costume at and wait for an email confirming your submission has been approved. (Check your spam folder if you don’t see it right away.) Then, use your custom link or the website’s share buttons to invite your friends and family to vote!

How to vote: offers a fun new way to vote. Instead of just “liking” a photo, you get to choose whether it’s funny and/or scary on a scale of 0 – 100 each. Simply hover over the photo, wait for the bars to appear and click where you think the score should be. For the best experience, please vote from a full computer (not a tablet or smartphone).
How to vote and win free pet insurance.
How to win: The photo with the highest overall rating for both “creative” and “cute” will win up to $500 in free pet insurance for one year, provided by The wining image must have at least 50 votes, so don’t forget to invite friends to vote!

Dates and rules: The contest begins October 20th, 2013 and ends November 20th, 2013. Official rules can be found at

Happy Halloween, and happy voting!

Idaho Lab Saves Yorkie from Hawk

Yellow Labrador retriever saves Yorkshire terrier from hawk.A yellow Labrador retriever named Dakota has been credited with saving the life of his Yorkie buddy, Cory, in Idaho this week.

According to pet owner Steve Groves, Dakota ran into an area where he spotted a hawk flying overhead on Tuesday morning, He realized Cory was nowhere to be found on his 10-acre property, and seconds later, the hawk flew away and both dogs returned home.

Cory, the Yorkshire terrier, had cuts on both sides of his body, indicating a large bird had swooped down to try and make a meal of him. He received immediate veterinary care and stitches to stop the bleeding.Read More…

Top 3 Reasons You May Need Dog Liability Insurance

Liability dog bite animal insurance banner
Every month, we get a number of requests from people looking for pet liability insurance. Some pet owners aren’t sure how that differs from what we offer, so here’s a quick comparison:

• Pets Best Insurance plans help pay the vet bills when your pet is sick or injured.
• Pet liability insurance, sometimes called “dog bite insurance”, protects the pet owner in case their dog injures a non-direct family member.

Both types of insurance can provide peace of mind and financial assistance, and pet health insurance is a great idea for all pets, regardless of age or breed. But what about liability insurance? Here are the top 3 reasons you may need it:

1. Your dog has a history of injuring people, even accidentally
Dog liability insurance can provide coverage in case someone is bitten, scratched, knocked over, or otherwise injured by your dog.

2. Your homeowners insurance excludes your dog’s breed
While most homeowners and renters insurance policies include animal liability, according to XINSURANCE, most of those plans also have breed restrictions. The breeds most commonly excluded from coverage are: bully breeds, Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, Doberman Pinschers, German Shepherds and Akitas.

Even if your dog isn’t on that list, double-check with your insurance provider to ensure you would be covered if your dog caused injury.

3. Your landlord or state law requires it
If your landlord requires liability insurance, you’ll usually have to provide proof of insurance before signing a lease or moving in. Your landlord will need to be added as an insured party.

If your state requires liability insurance, you may not to have carry proof. But if your dog injures someone, you’ll be personally responsible for related medical and legal bills, in addition to fines and other legal ramifications of not having been insured.

Get a quote from XINSURANCE or F.I.D.O. for an animal liability policy. Availability varies by state.

Top 3 Tips for a Strong My Vet’s the Best Nomination

Nominate your vet in our pet insurance contest, My Vet's the Best.My Vet’s the Best is back for 2013! The team at Pets Best Insurance is excited to offer a third year of this hugely popular promotion that rewards four of the best veterinarians with $1,000 each to treat needy pets.

If you nominated your vet in a past year, thank you. And please nominate him or her again, as we start with a clean slate each January. Four times in 2013, we’ll choose six finalists and invite the public to vote and choose the big winner. In addition to the vet prize, each winning nominator will receive $200.

Nominations don’t have to be lengthy if they include the right details. Here are a few tips that may help your story rise to the top:

1. Tell us how your vet helped your pet, specifically.

Readers may be more likely to connect with personal stories, so focus on a specific incident that really made a difference in the life of you and your pet.

2. Tell us how your vet goes above and beyond.

By nature, veterinarians tend to be generous individuals who offer extended office hours and return phone calls on weekends. In addition to services like this, how else does your vet go the extra mile?

3. Tell us about any pet-related organization your vet supports.

If your veterinarian volunteers at a shelter or trains K9 police dogs, for example, be sure to include those details. We want to be sure we recognize all the efforts of your vet – not just what happens during office hours.

And remember, you don’t have to be a Pets Best Insurance customer to participate. Nominate your vet today and watch for finalist announcements and voting periods in April, July, October and January!


Vote! My Vet’s the Best Winter 2012 Finalists

Our winter 2012 My Vet’s the Best finalists have been chosen! Read their stories and vote daily through February 11th and help decide who wins $1,000 to treat needy pets. The nominator will also win a $200 cash prize.

In alphabetical order, the finalists are:

Pet insurance contest finalist Dr. Bushnell.

Dr. Georgia Maureen Bushnell of Homestead, FL


Dr. Cabell hopes to win My Vet's the Best.

Dr. Lori Cabell of Norristown, PA


Dr. Campbell is a pet health insurance contest finalist.

Dr. Helen Campbell of Florence, NJ


Dr. Hallstrom has been nominated as best vet.

Dr. Dave Hallstrom of Edina, MN


Dr. Matthews has been nominated as the best vet in 2012.

Dr. Nancy Matthews of Valley Center, CA


Dr. Steelman has been nominated as the best vet in 2012.

Dr. Linda Steelman of Las Vegas, NV

Four times per year, Pets Best Insurance awards $1,000 to a winning veterinarian to treat needy pets, and $200 cash prizes to the pet owners who shared their winning stories. Hundreds of vets are nominated each quarter, complete with heartwarming and sometimes harrowing stories, and thousands of votes are cast.

Make sure your voice is heard! Read about our winter 2012 finalists, then vote today and every day through February 11th, 2013. You can also nominate your vet in My Vet’s the Best 2013. You don’t need to be a Pets Best Insurance customer to participate, and you can read the Official Rules here.

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