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Police rescue dog from Chicago River

The dog was pulled from the Chicago riverDuring a difficult rescue, police officers were able to pull a dog out of the Chicago River after she wandered into the water.

Elle, a German Shepherd and Yellow Labrador mix, was seen by bystanders struggling in the river, according to Chicago’s CBS affiliate, WBBM. The Chicago Police Marine Unit arrived on scene to assess the situation, which was growing increasingly dangerous for Elle.

"When we arrived, the dog went under," police officer Mark Jaeger told the news provider. "It had lost its function and had gone under, came back up, went under a second time, and as it came up to the surface, we had two divers ready who were able to grab the dog before it went under for its last time and brought it safely back onto the police boat."

When police pulled her from the river, Elle coughed up fluid and was shivering. But once the dog was reunited with her owner, she was in good dog health and returned home.ADNFCR-2720-ID-19672833-ADNFCR

Man’s best friend swallows a girl’s best friend

The Golden Retriever swallowed a diamond worth $20KWhile it may be a dog eat dog world out there, one jeweler was not expecting his Golden Retriever to eat a three-carat diamond.

George Kaufman, the co-owner of Robert Bernard Jewelry, brought his pet Golden Retriever, Soli, to the store as usual one day in January, according to the New York Daily News. Kaufman was examining a three-carat stone that was brought in by a diamond dealer when he accidently dropped the jewel.

Kaufman and his partner, Robert Rosin, watched helplessly as Soli ran over to the gem and swallowed it. The jewelers quickly bought the dog to the local veterinarian to find out what they could do to retrieve the stone.

"The dealer saw him eat it," Rosin told "We said, What do we do? Get an X-ray? Call the vet?"

The vet told the men to ensure that nothing would happen to jeopardize the dog’s health, they should just wait for the gem to pass naturally. Both Kaufman and Rosin breathed a sigh of relief when the gem reappeared three days later.ADNFCR-2720-ID-19670249-ADNFCR

63 dogs rescued from illegal kennel

The dogs were kept in cages for 23 hours a dayAnimal control officers put a stop to an illegal kennel in Lakeside, California, when they discovered 63 dogs living in crates in a two-bedroom home.

The majority of the canines were in poor dog health as a result of neglect and unfit conditions, according to The dogs were taken to the county animal shelter where veterinarians went to work treating the pups for their numerous medical problems before they’re to be put up for adoption.

According to USA Today, when animal control officers arrived at the scene, they saw that a number of cages had feces and three-day old vomit in them.

After spending 23 hours in a cage a day, the dogs are relishing in their pampering, and animal control officers are hopeful that they can go on to have better lives after the traumatic experience.

"There is a tremendous amount of hope," Lt. Dan Desouza told KFMB. "The public is going to have to step up and say yeah, I can take one of these dogs home and give it a loving home."ADNFCR-2720-ID-19667590-ADNFCR

Firefighters bring cat back from death

The gray and black cat was able to be rescuedFirefighters in Syracuse, New York, recently risked their lives to save a feline that was trapped in a burning building.

A two-family, two-story apartment building was filled with smoke when firefighters arrived on the scene, according to The firefighters were quickly able to assess the problem and get the fire under control.

"They forced their way in, quickly located the fire and kept it from spreading," Syracuse deputy fire chief, Stephen Cavuto, told the news provider.

No humans were present when the fire began. After the flames were put out, rescuers found two unconscious house cats that were affected by the smoke. After bringing the two cats out into fresh air, firefighters quickly tried to revive them.

Unfortunately, the large black cat was unresponsive and pronounced dead. The rescuers quickly got to work on the small gray and black cat named Tigger.

Firefighters placed an oxygen mask on the feline’s face and caressed the small cat. Luckily, Tigger came around and has returned to normal cat health since.

According to the Daily Times, some fire departments have special oxygen masks designed to help pets exposed to smoke.

Dog hotel in South Boston looks to pamper your pup

Dogs will be treated with the finest amenitiesLooking to stow away your furry friend when you leave for vacation? Why not put them up in a luxurious suite!

A plan to create a fancy dog hotel in South Boston, Massachusetts, has angered residents, city officials and lawmakers, but will continue to move forward as the Board of Zoning Appeals recently gave the plan the go ahead, according to the Boston Globe.

Residents of the area complained that the kennel would create excess noise, odor and traffic in their neighborhood. While the board listened to these arguments, they thought that the proposed idea would offer more benefits than problems.

"The applicant addressed concerns about noise, waste, traffic, pick-up and drop-off," board chairman, Robert Shortsleeve, told the Boston Herald. "And it sounds like there’s a public need for the service with 1,100 dog owners in South Boston and only 20 spaces to kennel them."

The facility will be called Fenway Bark, and will offer amenities such as massages, acupuncture and hydrotherapy, in addition to shopping for pet care items, grooming facilities and training.ADNFCR-2720-ID-19662518-ADNFCR

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