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Abused Beagle inspires others

Humans who overcome significant trauma often become inspirational platforms for others.

Beagle's are known for their playfulnessA Beagle named Champ is learning that animals too can be motivational.

Upon seeing the puppy who was doused with acid by his owner, veterinarians and animal workers worked to restore the pup to normal dog health.

The puppy, who was found nearly dead with over 85 percent of his body burned, has since become a source of comfort for wounded Iraq veterans, says the website

Champ has appeared on a talk show and received more than 11,000 letters a day from fans who were inspired by his story, according to

Champ’s new owner, Mike Martin, has been taking the dog to various forums to talk about how a person’s external appearance has no bearing on their good nature, just like Champ.

“This dog was wounded and he has scars left over from it, and yet, he’s still showing unconditional love,” Martin said.ADNFCR-2720-ID-19700771-ADNFCR

New dog collar will help owners track pets’ whereabouts

New collar could help families find their animalsGlen Lurie’s dog will likely be among the first to find his way home if he ever gets lost.

Lurie, the president of AT&T Emerging Devices, Resale and Partnerships is excited to have recently paired up with Apisphere which creates location technologies, to develop the first-ever location-smart dog collar.

"The peace of mind that a wirelessly connected collar will bring my family and pet owners across the country is long overdue," Lurie said of the device.

Not only will this dog collar, which is expected to launch in 2011, allow pet owners to track their pets via phone or computer, but the collar features a SIM card that may help keep animals out of danger by alerting their owners of where they are before they get themselves into sticky situations.

"There are few things as important to my daughter as knowing the whereabouts of our dog," Laurie said. "We’re extremely excited about this product and its possibilities."ADNFCR-2720-ID-19698074-ADNFCR

Cat’s death may have saved owner’s life

The cat's death inspired Jackson to get his own health checkedJackson and his wife noticed that Peaches’ cat health was deteriorating when the pet stopped eating and began breathing irregularly.

Unfortunately, the Jacksons had to make the painful decision to have Peaches euthanized, according to

But instead, on the way to the vet, the beloved feline died in Jackson’s arms.

After Jackson requested an autopsy, veterinarians discovered that Peaches had a large tumor resulting from malignant mesothelioma, a rare cancer caused by asbestos exposure.

Although medical tests later revealed that Jackson’s wife was healthy, Jackson was diagnosed with cancer on his left lung. While doctors determined that this was not necessarily related to the asbestos problem, Jackson claims that had Peaches not received an autopsy, he would never have checked on his own health.

"She saved my life," Jackson said, "If it wasn’t for Peaches, I probably wouldn’t be here."ADNFCR-2720-ID-19698070-ADNFCR

Teri Hatcher spills the details on her new canine boyfriend

Teri Hatcher said her new boyfriend is a rescue dogFor some individuals, a pet is as much of a constant companion as a significant other – at least that’s what Desperate Housewives star, Teri Hatcher, says.

Hatcher recently added to her brood of rescue dogs by opting to take in an American Bulldog, according to While Hatcher already has three other rescue dogs, she admits to the news provider that she has a special affection for her newest addition.

"I have an American bulldog that’s my most recent rescue: Jack, also known as my boyfriend," Hatcher said.

The actress also revealed that she has been an avid animal rescuer since 7th grade, and that if she wasn’t an actress, she always dreamed about being on the show, Stupid Pet Tricks.

Although it’s clear that Hatcher is an animal lover that bestows proper pet care to her furry friends, she said that she’s done adopting for a while, telling the website, "I think I’m legally at my limit, honestly."

According to, Hatcher also has three cats, a rabbit, two birds and a horse at her home.ADNFCR-2720-ID-19692833-ADNFCR

Dog saves wheelchair-bound owner from house fire

A Pit Bull saved its owner from a fireWhile many pet owners provide pet care to ensure their animals are happy and safe, many do not realize that their furry friends have their back as well.

Jake Vernon is wheelchair-bound due to an accident that happened a decade ago. While he lay in bed on St. Patrick’s Day, he noticed his Pit Bull, Gracie, would not stop barking, according to

He had previously taken medication to help with a broken leg he had suffered during a mishap, and Vernon was still pretty groggy when Gracie tried to wake him. Upon opening his eyes, Vernon discovered that his room was on fire and Gracie had been trying alert him.

As he scrambled into his wheelchair and tried to make it out the backdoor, Gracie stayed with him the entire time, trying to protect him from the fire. Upon getting out of the house safely, Vernon noticed everyone’s adoration for his beloved Gracie.

"I was seeing a big firefighter, 6-foot-6, and he got down on his hands and knees and hugged that dog with everything he had and he kept saying, ‘This this is the best animal in the world,’ " he told

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