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February 1st marks the beginning of pet dental health month

Pet owners should keep their animal's dental health in checkIt may be a good idea to take your furry friends down to the local veterinarian for a teeth cleaning as February is the national pet dental health month.

Animal dental health is extremely important for proper pet health, according to veterinary experts. The month’s recognition was created to remind owners that while they may take good care of their chompers, their pets need some dental TLC too.

"Most people have no idea that dental health is so important to their pets, and that’s why Pet Dental Health Month is such a great idea," explains Dr Larry Corry, president of the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). "In fact, veterinarians report that periodontal disease is the most commonly diagnosed problem in dogs and cats."

Periodontal disease can potentially up an animal’s risk of developing diabetes, as well as increasing their chances of a heart attack and stroke, according to the news source.

Animal owners should be encouraged to make sure their pets get their pearly whites checked, in order to nip any potential health risks in the bud.ADNFCR-2720-ID-19591138-ADNFCR

Katy Perry and Russell Brand find a feline compromise with the help of pheromones

Brand recently revealed how he and Katy Perry keep their animals at peaceMany pet owners may face this issue when they get together – making sure their furry loved ones can cohabitate. Celebrity couple Katy Perry and Russell Brand feel they have found a solution to this problem, as they faced a similar situation with their cats.

Both Brand and Perry have publicly proclaimed their love for their cats Morrissey and Kitty Purry, respectively, however, the two felines did not always have a similar adoration for each other, according to

After the couple got engaged and began to live together, they had to think of a way to help their cats get along. Their answer? Feline pheromones.

"You drug them with this plug-in thing that releases pheromones, and it gets into their brains!" Brand told the news provider on the Grammy Awards red carpet. "It’s not like it’s illegal, and we just invented it! It makes the cats love each other more."

Pheromones have been used for pet care to help relieve a cat’s stress. According to CBS, cats release pheromones through their glands in order to mark their territory.ADNFCR-2720-ID-19591139-ADNFCR

Dog saves family from carbon monoxide

The bulldog woke up Mark, which made him realize his family was in danger of carbon monoxide poisoningA pet dog wanting to go outside may have inadvertently saved an entire family’s lives. French bulldog Stu was visiting Tim and Mary Kay Mark with his owners for a birthday party.

Throughout the night, Mark’s wife had begun to feel ill, according to the Herald Argus. When Stu started whining to go outside, Mark went to let him out and noticed he had a serious headache.

Mark has previous experience with first-time respondent training, and recalled his wife complaining of feeling sick. He figured out there might have been a carbon monoxide leak, called 911 and got his family out of the house.

Mark told the news provider that the family may have died had it not been for Stu waking him up to go outside.

"When I think about what might have happened had the kids not decided to spend the night here and Stu wouldn’t have been here whining to go outside," he said.

Stu, along with Mark’s other two dogs were all safely outside and reportedly in good dog health.ADNFCR-2720-ID-19588363-ADNFCR

Customs officers revive frozen puppy with resuscitation

The yellow puppy nearly froze to deathA 6-week-old puppy was recently found nearly frozen at JFK Airport, causing customs officials to act quickly.

The pup was found in a jet’s cargo bay in poor dog health with another puppy after a call to authorities suggested the dogs might be drug mules, according to the New York Daily News.

Three U.S. customs officials found the dogs and quickly provided mouth to snout resuscitation on the puppy. Unfortunately, the puppy’s companion was already dead when the dogs were found.

"No matter how uncommon the call, CBP Officers are always willing and ready to assist," Robert Perez, director of field operations for the CBP in New York, told the news provider.

Officials have not been able to find the owner of the dog, which is currently being treated by a veterinarian for any other dog health complications it may have.

According to the American Society for the Protection of Cruelty to Animals, animals should never be left alone in the cold for long periods of time as they have a greater risk of freezing to death.ADNFCR-2720-ID-19588364-ADNFCR

Dog found floating on ice block in Baltic Sea

The mutt was found floating on a block of iceA mutt was recently rescued by Polish scientists who were on an oceanographic survey on the Baltic Sea.

The researchers noticed the dog contently floating on a block of ice about 15 miles of the coast of Poland, according to The ship’s captain immediately stopped the boat as a crew member went to rescue the pup.

The mission turned out to be much more difficult than the scientists had anticipated, as there was lots of ice in the water. After unsuccessfully trying to catch him with a net, a scientist finally got close enough to Baltic to retrieve him and bring him back to the ship for proper pet care.

"Our mission, our function is not to rescue dogs out of the water, as you can imagine!" Sergio Neves told the news provider. "We are scientists! But we were on the sea on this research ship and I think it is human to save the dog."

After getting warmed up, Baltic is in good dog health and the crew plans to keep him on the ship until someone comes to claim him.

According to the Boston Globe, it is estimated that Baltic had been floating for 75 miles.ADNFCR-2720-ID-19588365-ADNFCR

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