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6 Great Tips for Controlling Pet Shedding

When our kids were very young, my wife and I had an Australian Shepherd with a beautiful coat of white and tan fur. We adored him. Problem was, the dog had chronic allergies and skin problems that contributed to a full-time shedding problem.

It seemed like no matter how often we swept, the loose hair would accumulate, gathering in drifts and piles on the hardwood floors of our tiny house. What was worse, our kids were toddlers, notorious for crawling the floors and picking up anything they could find to put their mouths. We were the only parents on the block whose kids coughed up hairballs.

Whether you have kids or not, if your dog or cat sheds it can be a major nuisance. Here are our 6 top tips for dealing with a pet that leaves hair everywhere:

  1. See your vet. While seasonal shedding is normal for many dogs and cats, excessive shedding may be a clue to a health problem. Your veterinarian may be able to find the root of the problem and may be able to prescribe medicine or suggest supplements (such as fatty acids) that will help control the problem.
  2. Brush your pet every day to reduce the unwanted hair all over your clothes, carpet and furniture. Most pets enjoy the attention, and will look forward to their daily brushing session. Ask an expert at your local pet supply store or check with a groomer for tips on the right tools to use for de-shedding your pet’s specific type of fur.
  3. Shampoo, rinse, repeat. If your dog’s chronically dry, itchy skin is causing him to scratch himself constantly, you may want to bathe him regularly using an oatmeal shampoo to moisturize and soothe his skin.
  4. Train your pet. Make sure dogs and cats have their own beds, furniture, or comfortable areas to lounge. Teach them that these are acceptable places to hang out, and that human furniture is off-limits.
  5. Cover up. Get some stylish throws or use blankets to cover furniture. They’ll keep most of the fur off, and you can just remove them before company comes over. Make sure they’re machine-washable for easy cleaning.
  6. Clean up. Get pet hair off of upholstery and carpet as soon as possible, before it has a chance to work its way into upholstery fabric or carpet nap. Use a tape roller or other pet hair removal tool on furniture and vacuum carpets. For the best results, make a habit of doing this regularly.

Orlando Bloom dog sits for girlfriend while filming

Bloom was seen caring for his girlfriend's dogTalk about an attentive boyfriend! Orlando Bloom was seen carrying a Yorshire Terrier, or Yorkie, that belonged to his girlfriend, Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr.

The dog, Frankie accompanied Bloom to the set of his new film, The Good Doctor, according to, and the actor was seen strolling around the set with the portable pup.

It’s reported that Bloom is dog sitting while his girlfriend is in Australia for work. Although the actor would set the dog down when he was filming, he was seen walking to the beach with Frankie safely tucked under one arm.

Kerr is usually seen toting Frankie on various shopping trips and out and about on errands. It’s pretty clear that she adores the small dog, and instills the importance of proper pet care and nurturing on her famous boyfriend as well.

With their small stature, Yorkies are incredibly portable dogs. According to the American Kennel Club, the petite pups should never exceed seven pounds, as it could be detrimental to their dog health.ADNFCR-2720-ID-19601477-ADNFCR

Alaska bans exotic pets such as monkeys and sloths

Monkeys are still considered too exotic to have as petsAlthough dogs and cats are the typical choice when it comes to household pets, the Alaska Board of Game recently passed a law that will allow some wild animals, such as certain wild cats, to be kept as pets.

However, other animals such as chimpanzees, finches and sloths were taken off the list, according to The Washington Post. The board explains they’re trying to keep their own wildlife intact, and not disrupt the environment with other animals that do not usually live in the area.

Hybrid cats were added to the list, as many people do not consider them to be wild animals, but rather household pets.

"They are such a neat breed of cat," Michelle Schwoch, who breeds Savannah cats, told the news provider. "They will go for walks, and play fetch and love toys. Not only are they cool-looking but they are nice, sweet cats that really bond with their owners."

No matter what kind of animal you have for a pet, it’s always important to treat them with proper pet care to ensure they’re happy and healthy.ADNFCR-2720-ID-19601478-ADNFCR

Woman convicted of animal cruelty for pierced cats

Woman pierced black cats to sell onlineA dog groomer from northeastern Pennsylvania was recently convicted with a misdemeanor of animal cruelty after she pierced the necks and ears of cats to sell them online as gothic kittens.

Animal rescuers took several kittens and one cat out of Holly Crawford’s home in December 2008 on suspicions of animal cruelty, according to the Washington Post. Her defensive team suggested that parents are allowed to pierce their child’s ears at a young age and it’s discriminatory to not let cat owners do the same.

The defense also argued that the same animal rights groups that tried to bring the case to trial were in favor of spaying or neutering pets, which involves the cutting of the testicles or removing the ovaries. However, a jury did not buy in to these excuses and convicted Crawford for proving poor pet care.

If the piercings were not enough to suggest animal cruelty, The Daily Mail also reports that at least one kitten was found with an elastic band tied to its tail in attempt to make it fall off.ADNFCR-2720-ID-19599025-ADNFCR

California looks to ban pet stores from using puppy mills

Pet stores in West Hollywood will only be allowed to sell shelter animalsIn an effort to stop the puppy mill epidemic, in which dogs arrive at pet stores in poor dog health because of abuse and neglect, city council members in West Hollywood, California, are looking to mandate a law ordering that pet stores can only sell pets from shelters.

Lawmakers and animal activists believe that this law will send a message to puppy suppliers who treat their animals cruelly, according to USA Today.

This movement "will send a strong message to abusive commercial breeders all over the nation," Carole Davis of Companion Animal Protections Society (CAPS), told the news provider.

The council appeared to have agreed, and passed the bill. Animal activists said they believe that this is the first step in putting the puppy mills out of business, as there will no longer be a market.

Animal rescuers also believe that this could help with the overcrowding in the area’s shelters. California is facing a severe problem with overcrowded pounds, which can sometimes result in some animals being euthanized.ADNFCR-2720-ID-19599027-ADNFCR

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