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Could your pet have something to do with your education level?

Could your pet determine your education attainment?A new study is suggesting that the educational attainment of individuals may rely on what kind of pet they own.

Researchers from Bristol University are suggesting that of the 2,524 households that were surveyed, 47.2 percent of homes with cats had at least one university degree holder in the family, as opposed to 38.4 percent of dog owners, according to the BBC.

The study suggests that because people with higher degrees may hold careers with more responsibility, it may be considered impractical to get a dog, which typically requires a bit extra attention and pet care compared to a cat.

"Our best guess is that it’s to do with working hours and perhaps commuting to work, meaning people have a less suitable lifestyle for a dog, researcher Dr Jane Murray told the news provider. "It’s really just a hunch though."

The survey also found that gender had something to do with the kind of pet one owned. Dog owners were more likely to be males under 55 years old and who live in rural areas.

According to the Telegraph, the study found that the number of pet owners is 50 percent higher than previously thought, with 20.8 million individuals owning an animal.ADNFCR-2720-ID-19606733-ADNFCR

Westminster contestant can detect seizures in handler

Some owners believe their dogs can detect seizures before they occurVala, an Australian Canaan dog, is competing in the upcoming Westminster Kennel Club dog show. The black and white canine appears adorable, in good dog health and well-groomed, and also has a special hidden skill that his handler, Ethan Miller, can benefit from.

Miller suffers from cerebral palsy, which prevents him from presenting Vala with his left hand at the dog show. According to, when Miller used to suffer from seizures before medical advancements put a stop to them, Vala was able to detect an oncoming seizure two minutes prior to the occurrence, often alerting the boy’s mother.

"There’s that extra trust factor that he has with the dog," Miller’s mother, Chris, told the news source. "He knows that the dog understands him and his uniqueness. It’s a beautiful thing. They truly work as a team."

According to ABC News, other dog owners have reported that their animals can sense when they’re about to have a seizure. However, although there have been multiple claims there are no studies or scientific explanations to back this theory up.ADNFCR-2720-ID-19606734-ADNFCR

Rescuers retrieve 95 dogs from Mississippi puppy mill

95 puppies were rescued from the facilityRescue workers were able to effectively remove 95 dogs from a puppy mill in Olive Branch, Mississippi, after they discovered the animals had been living in inhumane conditions.

The American Humane Association’s workers also found a number of dead adult dogs as well as puppies in the facility, according to The San Francisco Chronicle. Many of the dogs rescued were in poor dog health, underweight or had skin problems.

Approximately 34 of the retrieved dogs were flown out of the state to New York City with the help of Pet Airways, which is an animals only airplane service based in Denver, Colorado. These dogs landed safely and were scattered throughout the city’s many shelters.

Other animals were transported to the Marshall County Humane Society clinic in Byhalia, Mississippi, as an emergency shelter site.

Several areas have been trying to stop puppy mills. West Hollywood, California, recently passed a measure that would ban local pet stores from carrying dogs from puppy mills, according to USA Today. This law was put into effect because dogs in the facilities are treated cruelly and are usually in poor dog health.ADNFCR-2720-ID-19606742-ADNFCR

Chug named the MVP of the Puppy Bowl

Participants in the Puppy Bowl are rescue dogs in search of good homesAlthough the Super Bowl may have been watched by more than 100 million viewers, the sixth annual Puppy Bowl also received attention as a Chug (half-Chihuahua, half-pug) was named the most valuable puppy (MVP) of the game.

Jake was able to speed past the other 42 competitors as they rushed from one side of the field to the other with toy footballs in their mouths, according to However, although Jake may have been the fastest, he wasn’t always in possession of a ball.

The Puppy Bowl has been around since 2005 and always features shelter dogs that are in need of a good home. One of the benefits of the Puppy Bowl is it teaches viewers about the importance of rescuing dogs, and how it’s important to provide good homes and pet care to the animals, according to

The game has raised its viewership by more than 40 percent since its creation, and also includes other animals getting in on the action. This year saw a Twizzler blimp that was manned by hamsters, kittens during the halftime show and bunny cheerleaders.ADNFCR-2720-ID-19604139-ADNFCR

City pet owners should give their animals outdoor exercise

Dogs should not be confined indoors all of the timeCity dwellers who own a pet need to make sure that their animals are still getting the exercise that they need.

Because city apartments are often limited in space, many animals are confined to their small habitats. This creates a need for them to get out and roam around, as it’s beneficial to their development, according to

Some pet owners who got their animals in the city and then moved to the country have found that their animals are still content on being indoors, near their owners.

However, pet owners who live in the city should be ready to spend extra time with their furry companion, ensuring they get the exercise they need to keep them in good pet health. Individuals who are interested in adopting a pet should also not let breed get in the way, as many people may believe that size has something to do with their comfort level in a small apartment.

"It’s [breed focus] distracting and leads to uninformed generalizations like ‘small breeds are good for apartments,’" author Tracey McTague told the news provider. She suggested that an animal successfully living in a small apartment depends on their personality.

According to, pet owners from the city should consider an apartment within close range of a dog park or walkway.ADNFCR-2720-ID-19604133-ADNFCR

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