Are Compressed Floors Safe for Dogs to Sit and Sleep On?

By Dr. Marc, a veterinarian and blogger for dog insurance provider Pets Best Insurance

Hi. My name is Marc Caldwell. I’m a local veterinarian working with Pets Best Insurance to answer some Facebook questions for you guys. Our next question is:  “Are compressed floors safe for dogs to sit and sleep on? How about carpet flooring in the house?”

Generally speaking, most flooring is considered safe for animals to sleep on, but that being said, some animals will have a more difficult time with a harder surface. Animals that have arthritic disease or problems moving around may find these surfaces uncomfortable. Furthermore, they can actually exacerbate pressure sores and things like that for animals with limited mobility.

My recommendation is if you have hardwood floors or some sort of compressed flooring, maybe a bed or some padding would actually help out certainly older animals with those types of surfaces. They are also difficult as far as ambulating on them, so animals that have limited mobility may slip and fall and find these surfaces a little bit difficult to maneuver.

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  • AB

    Recently my dog (poodle) has gained a lot of weight, she doesn’t want to take walks. I don’t know why she has gained, we walked everyday. Now she has no interest, she is going to be 13 yrs old, but normally very active. This is only about a month now. I had her to the vet about 2-months ago, he said she is in very good shape for a dog her age, teeth are clean, she just suddenly got very slow and fat. Any ideas?

  • Sunny Ellliott

    My 13 year old had the same problem. My vet does a complete blood panel on her twice a year and found that her thyroid numbers were very low. After a couple of weeks on thyroid meds she was like a puppy again. She’s lost weight and is very frisky.
    Good luck with your poodle!


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