3 Reasons Cats Stop Covering Their Poop

A black kitten sits on the edge of its litter box.

By Dr. Fiona, a veterinarian and blogger for cat insurance provider, Pets Best Insurance

Has your cat stopped covering up their feces in the litter box? Here are three reasons that may be causing the issue.

1. Litter aversion

Your cat might have an aversion to the litter. For instance, they don’t like the way it feels on their feet. Or possibly they don’t like the way is smells when raked. It could also be that your cat doesn’t like the dust created when covering its feces.

2. Size of the box

Simply put, bigger cats will need a bigger box. A large cat may feel too confined in their box, so moving up in size to a larger box may help.

3. Location

Where you place the litter box can be very important for some cats. This is because some cats prefer the litter box to be more private. So if the box is out in the open, they feel too exposed and not want to take the time to cover their feces.

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  • JD Roberts

    How about if your cat digs in the litter BEFORE he leaves feces? He digs before he goes, and then runs like a shot after! I don’t blame him! Help!

    • Amy

      I thought all cats dig before they use the litter box. To make the hole that they then use, and hopefully cover. I have a cat that digs all over the litter box. She plays in it! Fn cat.

  • Ricky

    My cat started to not covet his poop so I would grab him and put his nose up to it and use his paws to shovel sand over it. He hated when I would do this to him so much he initially tried crapping and then running and hiding from me, but every time I’d extract him from his hiding spot and show him that it must be covered.he’s been better lately but we shall see. Its a one bedroom apartment and when he covers it, the smell is inches from the box only. When he doesn’t the entire place gets a horrible gagging smell and it lingers for hours so its a big deal. I would just cover it myself, but he has to learn so I don’t come back to a cats*** chamber each day after work.

    • Mary

      You “rubbed your cats nose in its poo??” that is terrible and cruel!! I hope your vet told you that is the wrong thing to do?!! I wouldnt have had it in mes to do that. Dogs and cats are very different and i wouldnt do it to my dog either…:(


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